Because being lonely is the best thing I have in my life

14 mai 2014 by DocSamad

Because being lonely is the best thing I have in my life

Each of us is alone in his own way, we were born alone, we will die alone… It’s just kind of an illusion that we have here when we think that we are surrounded by « our » people.

I was listening to the radio a little while ago when I heard it from a doctor, and it just made my brain think about it seriously! I was like: « Damn! he’s right, how couldn’t I find out before?! »
Actually, I thought about it before. To be honest, I was always thinking that I AM ALONE, not the whole world, not anyone else. It was just me. In my soul, I was like some kind of a zombie or a spirit that was born on Earth by mistake. I should confess that it always made me feel upset, lonely and wishing I could die. Now I can see how stupid I was by being so lifeless.
It has never been bad for anyone to be alone, therefore Loneliness is often treated as the main cause of misery. I say, It is not like that. Being alone is a very good thing when we are good friends with ourselves, because that’s the secret: GET A GOOD FRIENDSHIP WITH YOURSELF SO THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO NEED ANYONE.

Source : Jounal d’une rêveuse schizophrène

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